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Success Story

The Perndorfer Maschinenbau KG in Kallham, Austria, is a developer and manufacturer of waterjet cutting systems. For the automated loading of its eight-head pure water jet cutting system, the medium-sized family-owned company is making modular Linear Axes Portals by Rollon .

rollon20918Since 1991 built the first water jet cutting machine, Perndorfer Maschinenbau has designed a full range of standard machines and has developed a suitable high pressure pump and an efficient water recycling system for particulate separation and filtration for waterjet cutting technology. The series program is supplemented by numerous special machines, which were built shortly after the company was founded for a wide range of applications. The spectrum ranges from fully automatic production lines through ultrasonic inspection systems to laser marking and special milling machines.

This diversity was made possible because company owner Franz Perndorfer and his team had the right to find a solution for every problem right from the start, relying on reliability, innovative spirit, flexibility and the highest quality. For example, the machine manufacturer was awarded the contract for the largest order in the company's history: a complete production line for a well-known Austrian manufacturer of truck trailers and semi-trailers.

Automated and loaded without errors

For a filter manufacturer, Perndorfer built an eight-headPure water jet cutting machine with automatically adjustable cutting heads. The machine is used to produce different cutouts from rectangular filter mats that are delivered as stacks on europallets. For example, with the eight servomotor-adjustable pure water jet cutting heads, eight precisely round filters can be cut simultaneously.

rollon30918The machine has four rotating shuttle tables, which are automatically loaded with the filter mats. For this task, designer Andreas Perndorfer relied on a linear automation concept from Rollon: a linear axis portal tailored to the application with two "Tecline" axes of the PAR type from the Rollon Actuator Line. A frame construction with suction pads is mounted on the Z-axis of the axle gantry for the transfer of the filter mats. With the suction pads a filter mat is sucked from the stack and stored by the axis robot on one of the shuttle tables. It can also be stacked several layers of the material.

After loading, the cutting pallet is automatically moved to the cutting area to produce the cutouts. The clearing of the finished blanks and Verschnittreste at the other end of the machine is done manually. Subsequently, the empty cutting pallet is passed under the machine again to the loading station. The water jet cutting machine itself is shielded with a noise protection housing. The cutting pallets are transported via security locks into and out of the removal area.

Linear gear systems with rack and pinion drive

rollon40918The modular automation concept Actuator Line convinced design engineer Andreas Perndorfer not only because of its high precision and dynamics. The high load capacity and robust design of the linear axes and all accessories also supported the automated machine loading with a Cartesian two-axis robotic system from Rollon.

Rack and pinion Tecline axles with toothed roller and pulley guide ensure precise, fast and quiet handling of loads from 10 to 2000 kg. The hardened, helical toothed racks of the Tecline axles can also be ground on request.

The linear axis type PAR as the basis of the linear axis portal is available in six sizes and is designed for maximum speeds of 3,5 m / s and accelerations of 10 m / s2. The maximum travel of an axis profile is 10.800 mm. Longer distances can be bridged by connecting several axis profiles.

Andreas Perndorfer prefers Rollon products for linear technical automation problems. This is not only due to the high quality, as Andreas Perndorfer explains: "Important and very pleasant are also the service and the professional competence of the contact persons regarding construction and mechanical engineering. It's just important to be able to discuss the technical problem with an expert at eye level. "

The author Klaus J. Hermes is marketing director at Rollon GmbH in Düsseldorf.

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