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ruland0118Ruland presents a new series of clamping rings with mounting holes. Thanks to the mounting holes, standard components can be used more flexibly for customer-specific applications. They are manufactured in our own production plant near Boston, USA, and are available immediately.

The strictly controlled right-angled orientation of the face to the hole ensures precise alignment of the components. When manufacturing two-piece clamp rings, the original halves remain together throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a perfect fit and alignment. Mounting screws that exceed all industry standards achieve maximum torque transmission and holding power.

The Rohs2 and Reach compliant clamping rings are available in versions with flats and tapped holes and tapped holes only on the cut surface. This allows a better attachment of the clamping rings with each other or on adjacent modules. The ring rings in clamping ring design have high holding forces, do not damage the shaft and can be adjusted almost indefinitely.

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