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In conventional elastomer-claw couplings with a symmetrical tooth shape, the torque to be transmitted leads to a very high load in the tooth tips of the toothed crowns. This causes high wear and requires large dimensions. The special tooth and claw geometry of the new Coupling DXA by Mädler ensures an even distribution of forces in the tooth, which increases the permissible torque and reduces wear.

In addition, this special tooth shape avoids the displacement of the sprocket teeth under load to the axis of rotation, which leads to high friction in conventional jaw clutches. In addition, the finely machined surfaces provide a very smooth contact surface to the sprockets, which in comparison to unprocessed casting surfaces, the life of the sprockets further increases.

The coupling DXA is available in 12 sizes with diameters 55 to 220 mm, for shaft diameters up to 100 mm and a maximum torque up to 11.000 Nm. Pre-drilled holes, keyways and locking threads can be implemented at short notice.
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