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KBK0317Spacer couplings are used wherever large axle distances have to be overcome. KBK Antriebstechnik This type of coupling DRE and DRB produces not only versions of aluminum and carbon but also in a robust stainless steel version for use in the food and pharmaceutical sector.

The couplings are manufactured in lengths of up to 6 m according to the customer's requirements and are absolutely free from play. They are suitable for synchronizing axles or bridging large axle distances, which are frequently found in the production and conveying systems in the food industry. Due to their semi-shell construction, both types of coupling are easy to mount radially, but have different properties. The DRB is equipped with metal bellows on both sides and therefore has a high torsional rigidity. The DRE, on the other hand, has elastomeric crowns on both sides and thus has a vibration-damping function. The torque ranges of the couplings range from 4,5 to 500 Nm for version DRB and from 12,5 to 525 Nm for DRE.

Not only in production, but also in service, KBK is very close to the customer: Should a clutch be damaged during operation, the underfiles will make a replacement model within two hours and send it by direct courier. In this way, users can avoid expensive machine downtimes and limit productivity losses to a minimum.
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