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MayrHystereseverschließköpfe are due to the constant, impact-free slip torque for sealing plastic bottles and disposable glass bottles better than permanent magnet heads. The technically very high "Roba-capping head" of capping Mayr Antriebstechnik based on the patented Roba contitorque hysteresis, which has been used for more than ten years on the market successfully.

Characteristic of the still traditionally widespread permanent magnetic heads is the pulsation of the torque in slip mode. As a result, a damaging alternating load acts on the attached parts during slippage. It causes costly inspections, increased maintenance and downtime. For reusable glass bottles, the use of these "beating" heads is still appropriate.

When sealing plastic bottles, the Roba-capping head hysteresis sealing head with its constant, shock-free slip moment offers decisive advantages. The limit torque can be set quickly and simply linearly. The set value can be read directly. This makes it possible to optimally adapt the closing torque, which is transmitted contactlessly and wear-free.

The hysteresis seal heads have a torque repeat accuracy of ± 2% at constant environmental conditions. If one compares the bottle opening values, closing heads with hysteresis couplings perform better than those with permanent magnet couplings. The dispersion of the opening torque is lower, the values ​​are much more constant. Due to the constant, dynamic moment, the bearing load is very low. In addition, the wear on the sealing cone is minimized, the service life can be increased.

The modular stainless steel capping heads can be easily and easily maintained by the user. He can carry out all the work himself, from greasing the guides to replacing the bearings. New sealing systems are increasingly being equipped with hysteresis sealing heads due to their technical advantages. But even existing plants can be converted easily. Most permanent magnet heads can be replaced by hysteresis heads. Adapters provide the necessary adjustment.

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