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orbit0316Which designer is not familiar - the Oldham coupling with its three-part construction of two aluminum hubs and an Oldham acetal. In addition, known for their high radial misalignment compensation, however, is still further potential in an Oldham coupling of Orbit Drive Technology:

These classic couplings are known to have a compact design. This property solves scarce installation situations. For axially extremely limited installation conditions, the manufacturer's product range includes compact versions of the ZOC and ZOS series. Their hubs have a special "micro rounding" design for an additional increased angular displacement capacity.

For high ambient temperatures or applications under vacuum conditions, optional couplings with stainless steel hubs are available. In addition, Oldham couplings can also be equipped with Peek washers. Due to their only minimally outgassing properties, they are predestined for mentioned vacuum applications.

The Oldham couplings product range offers four new coupling sizes for the smallest applications with outside diameters from 5,9 to 11,9 mm. These plug-in micro-couplings are available for smallest shaft diameters starting from 1 mm.
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