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An indispensable component of torque flanges in test benches are shaft couplings compensate the occurring misalignments reliably. For they provide precise measurement results and protect the way the built-in shafting bearings against wear. provides Based on the backlash-free and torsionally rigid "Roba-DS" series Mayr Antriebstechnik Flexible Couplings, specifically tailored to the exacting requirements of measuring flanges are.

Short development times, improved efficiency or more energy-saving potential - the requirements placed on test stands are constantly growing. As a result, the performance requirements for the torque flanges also rise as the core of modern test benches that need to deliver accurate and reliable data, even in high-performance and high-speed applications. However, the measurement result is only as good as the shaft compensation clutch used. Because shaft couplings are a decisive component in order to minimize the disturbances acting on the measuring flange.

Such disturbances often arise due to alignment errors in the drive train. In almost all applications, radial, angular and axial shaft offsets occur between the input and output side. Even the most accurate possible alignment of the shaft train with state-of-the-art laser alignment devices provides only limited help here. In addition, the offsets can not be completely eliminated by existing tolerances in the dimensional accuracy of the components used and by external influences such as temperature. Therefore, torsionally rigid shaft compensation couplings are used together with the measuring flange. The Roba-DS have been specially tailored to the requirements of modern measuring flanges.

Backlash balancing shaft misalignments

Mayr20116These disc pack couplings compensate for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignment. They not only ensure precise measurement results, but also protect the bearings installed in the shaft train from undesired loads and therefore unnecessary downtime. With the Roba-DS couplings, the nominal torques specified in the catalog can be used without any restriction. A reduction of the nominal torque due to displacement, load spectrum or balance request is not necessary. The couplings are compact and at the same time combine high power density with absolute backlash. They transmit torques up to the rated torque absolutely free of play and with a constant high torsional rigidity. The indicated shaft offsets can be exhausted in total to 100% without influence on the transmittable torque.

Tailored to test stands

The couplings are particularly robust and insensitive and are characterized by their high smoothness and low inertia by a high balancing quality. Depending on the size, the standard designs of the Roba-DS coupling cover a speed range from 8000 to 18.000 min-1 and are on a balancing quality of G 2,5 (reference speed 3000 min-1) balanced. In the high-speed design, in which the individual parts are manufactured with very high accuracy (IT5 quality) and narrowed concentricity and axial runout tolerance, speeds up to 30.000 min-1 allowed. The balancing quality of the clutch is G 2,5 at a reference speed of 5000 min-1.

The connection of the couplings and the measuring flanges to the shaft line is usually performed without clearance via high-quality clamping ring hubs. Various coupling designs specially tailored to the different requirements of the test benches and flexible combination options also make it possible to integrate measuring flanges into virtually every test rig and drive constellation.

Picture above: The backlash-free and torsionally stiff Roba-DS disc pack clutch compensates for radial, axial and angular shaft misalignment. It not only ensures precise measurement results, but also protects the bearings installed in the shaft train from wear.

How the Roba DS works

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