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ringspann0116With its new High-slip RSHD expanded Ringspann his offer an innovative overload protection for heavy duty applications. The Rimostat RSHD offers an extremely constant slip torque, high dry running-stability, temperature resistance up to 800 ° C and an excellent wear resistance under high load. It is therefore suitable for use in construction machinery, grinding mills and conveyors.

The equipped according to the Rimostat principle of the manufacturer equipped overload protection (Torque Limiter) can hold even with maximum wear even maximum slipping torque of up to 60.000 Nm over a very long service life constant.

The Rimostat design principle has been developed for applications where large forces are at work. Because this produces not plate springs but long ISO coil springs a contact force with a linear, flat running characteristic on the friction linings. Even with wear of the friction lining, the drop in slip torque - the decisive performance parameter of a slip hub - is hardly worth mentioning. The overload protection was also equipped with high-performance friction linings made of a nickel-free sintered material. This means a permanently very high consistency of the slip torque with high temperature stability. The plant operator thus receives an extremely process-stable overload protection with long service lives and maximum safety reserves.

Five sizes for five different power ranges are available from 205 mm diameter with speeds up to 2700 min-1 and slipping torques from 300 to 3000 Nm to 600 mm Diameter at speeds up to 1000 min-1 for slipping torques from 20.000 to 60.000 Nm. In all sizes, the user has the option of setting the required slip torque as needed.
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