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KTR has developed a backlash-free servo coupling with integrated clamping system in cooperation with the Swedish specialist for shaft-hub connections ETP. The assembly of Clutch "Rotex GS P" is done with just one screw and can be done in a few seconds. The "Rotex GS"With integrated ETP clamping system is a backlash-free and high-precision, completely made of steel claw coupling, which is particularly suitable for use in high-speed drives.

The clamping system of this new coupling variant consists of a double-walled, hardened steel sleeve, which is filled with a pressure medium. In the flange part there is a screw and a piston with a seal for the pressure build-up. The screw is tightened radially, axially no space is required for assembly tools. In this case, the sleeve expands and produces a uniform surface pressure against shaft and hub.

This "one-bolt-principle" enables assembly within a few seconds and ensures stepless and precise positioning of the coupling. Due to the even distribution of stress in the hub body, the ETP system also achieves exact concentricity and thus achieves very high smoothness.

Both companies are currently working on a two-part version, which should enable the use of further different coupling systems and materials.
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