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Looking for a technology that allows for gray cast iron couplings improved ease of installation, pushed KTR on a method that has been proven in the automotive industry. The result is the "Rotex SH "with split hubs, A variant of the family of Rotex couplings. In the new design, the hubs are "crack" deliberately and mechanically severed into two halves.

Here an irregular surface with positive fit, which ensures a precise fit of the two halves during assembly arises. The contoured, irregular fracture surfaces make for perfect centering of the hub halves. This method ensures that the hub or the connection of the two hub halves by the (fractional) isolation is not weakened. The fitting of the cracked hub is done in block assembly and ensures that no disadvantages in the load capacity of the clutch in use arise. At the same time, the hub can be radially installed and removed without dismantling the adjacent units. The clutch is easily accessible and its adjacent components can be easily exchanged. This ensures the continued availability of the system.

The service-friendly shaft coupling made of cast iron is very suitable for the Einsatzin confined spaces. The clutch is standard according to EC Richtlinie94 / 9 / EC (Atex95) assessed as units of category 2G / 2D and confirmed and therefore can be used in hazardous areas of zones 1, 2, and 21 22. The Rotex SH with split hub can easily be adapted to the individual application, because the pre-drilled and cracked clutch can be machined without special effort.

Because the coupling meets the requirements of design engineers and maintenance staff according to service of drive components and systems, without compromising technical parameters, often existing drive systems to the new clutch design be converted in practice. As a current example of this is the Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH. The pump manufacturer has recently changed its rotary piston pumps of VX and IQ series on the Rotex SH with split hubs.
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