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KBK presents the miniature versions of his Metal bellows with axial plug-and play-free connection. The models of the KB1P, KB2P and KB3P series are torsionally rigid, life and maintenance free, and available on request in stainless steel. The small and extremely compact clutches convince with low inertia and high torsional stiffness. They will be used as an interface in small rotary encoders and servo drives are used, which are usually installed in micropositioning in medical technology or equipment for semiconductor production.

The manufacturer can realize very large holes in relation to the size. The bore diameters are between 3 mm for the smallest and 25 mm for the largest pluggable miniature metal bellows couplings. The outside diameter of the clutch dwarfs is between 15,5 and 40,5 mm. The new miniature couplings cover a torque range from 0,5 to 10 Nm.

Thanks to the new plug-in connection, mounting holes in the covers of the engine and gearbox as well as the complicated screwing of the couplings through the holes can be omitted. After pre-assembly, the components are now simply plugged together. Afterwards, they can be dismantled and reassembled at any time - quickly and without much effort. As the male segments fit within each bellows body, the customer can minimize his clutches stock and combine the male shanks with a variety of bellows depending on the given requirements.

The pluggable miniature metal bellows couplings use the axial spring stiffness of the metal bellows to create a permanently backlash-free connection. This takes place via six tapered drive lugs, which are arranged in 60 ° intervals and engage in their counterpart. For special applications where the accidental displacement of the clutch by 60 ° is to be excluded, there is a synchronous connector with a wider nose. On request pluggable miniature bellows couplings with keyways are available.

The couplings are made of high-strength aluminum. For improved resistance and fatigue strength of the plug segments provides a special surface coating, while optimizing the sliding properties. This allows a quick and safe disassembly - without damaging or destroying the metal bellows.
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