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ringfeder0214Specially designed for use in heavy duty industrial ring spring has the GWS series a new series of safety couplings from the product segment Gerwah presented that can withstand high demands and protect the user in case of overload facing enormous costs.

Depending on the size, up to twelve standardized switching modules are located on the outer ring of the couplings, which ensure a backlash-free connection and secure torque transmission between the input and output side. This allows the greatest possible flexibility with regard to the release torque as well as the coupling size and design. The functional principle of the GWS is based on a spring-loaded ball-latching method. In the locked state, the steel balls inside the switch modules are pressed by spring force into a conical snap fit.

If, in the event of an overload, the disengagement torque set on the switching modules is exceeded, the roll in the axial direction of the locking seat. This leads to a permanent, non-contact separation of input and output and to interrupt the torque transmission. Resumption of the machine takes little time: By striking the pressure pin with a rubber or plastic hammer, the system can be returned to its operating state in no time at all.

There is the heavy duty coupling in three different designs. In addition to a version with flange and keyway hub (GWS 5420), a flexible coupling (GWS 5421) and a multi-disc clutch (GWS 5422), both with keyway hubs on the input and output side, are also available.
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