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ringfeder0114Ring spring offers a wide range of "Ring-flex" multi-plate clutches for a wide variety of application scenarios. During the development of the couplings, apart from the typical parameters such as torsional rigidity and precise concentricity, special emphasis was placed on compact dimensions and a wide range of connection options.

Depending on the application, the hubs can be mounted on the shaft by means of feather key, clamping hub, shrink disc or with a clamping set. All models are available in single and double cardan design. The latter has a variant with a short spacer in addition to the standard length. Custom-made special solutions with freely determinable spacer lengths can also be realized.

The Ring-flex couplings are very well suited for drives in which the positioning accuracy of the control in both directions is in the foreground: for example, in machines in frequent start-stop or reverse operation. Tight manufacturing tolerances guarantee very high concentricity, which also makes it easy to use at high speeds and irregular rotational forces.

All couplings are made of high-strength steel. The disc pack, developed using FEM analysis, is made from stainless spring steel and connected to the hubs using precision, precision bushings and high-strength screws. For each package an angular offset compensation up to 1 ° is possible. In addition to the variant with six screws, there is also an 8 screw design available for higher torques. For low to medium torques there are also two aluminum models in compact design. With rated torques of up to 260.000 Nm and shaft diameters of up to 250 mm, they can be used at temperatures of up to 240 ° C.
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