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ruland1213Ruland poses Bellows Couplings with high torsional rigidity, which can compensate for all types of misalignment. As a result, they are very well suited for applications in the printing industry such as large format printers, 3-D printers, offset printing presses, as well as for tissue processing systems and production systems for the final printing stage. The bellows couplings consist of two aluminum hubs and a stainless steel bellows, making them very light and with low moment of inertia.

You can thus compensate for all offset types - parallel, angular and axial offset or combinations of these. The thin walls of the hydroformed bellows ensure low bearing load and are flexible, but at the same time offer high torsional rigidity. For applications with speeds up to 10.000 min-1 The balanced design of the bellows coupling reduces vibration. This balancing also helps to reduce the risk of printing errors such as banding.

The backlash-free couplings have no moving parts, which guarantees a long and maintenance-free life. They are available in metric and imperial sizes as well as combinations of metric and imperial bore sizes: from 3 mm (1 / 8 ") to 25 mm (1").
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