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KTR11013cover story

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The voices for more compact, lighter and more powerful drive elements, ie for lightweight, increasingly louder. In particular, the user of dynamic drives report here increased demand for. KTR responded to the call for more dynamic and made the development work. The goal Maximum weight reduction upon reasonable level of performance and optimum availability of the application resulted in the conclusion of a new backlash overload system, the "Syntex NC".

The backlash-free overload system is characterized by a low weight, high power density and a low mass moment of inertia. The coupling series is available in sizes 25 first, and 32 42 and they may torques of 8 limit to 280 Nm.

Designed for use in direct and indirect drives

KTR21013Syntex the NC is constructed in hybrid construction and manufactured in combination with a wear resistant surface coating. Compared to the standard series this reduces the weight of the clutch by almost 75%. How is the weight of a clutch of size g 32 471 for example only, with a torque limitation to 145 Nm and a moment of inertia of 0,00035 kgm2. The low mass moment of inertia of the drive train permits high dynamics and higher speeds in modern servo drives. Therefore, bears the overload system to energy savings in dynamic drives and increase the availability of the system or machine. At the same time a high level of safety in case of overload.

The construction of the Syntex NC is based on a form-fitting ball-lock principle, either in the functional systems "multi-position" or "sync" available. In the execution by locking the clutch disengages automatically after 15 ˚ again, in the synchronous execution, however, only after 360 ˚. In both cases, the coupling is operational again automatically after removal of the overload. High-tech materials enable the entire life time high repeatability and short response times. Another feature of the extremely compact designed overload clutch, the bore diameter, which becomes very large relative to the outside diameter, easy to install and the clamping ring design. The backlash-free shaft-hub connection is easily accessible for simplified maintenance.

The standard version of the Syntex NC is suitable for use in direct drives. However, the coupling structure also offers the possibility of a direct mounting, for example, the connection of the coupling with a toothed belt pulley. Thus, the overload system can be put in indirect drives.

Good combination play and free to join

KTR31013Overload clutches, which operate on the ball-lock principle, are often used in combination with zero backlash servo couplings. Also for this system are the benefits of compatibility and integration. The drive offers the specialist Syntex NC currently associated with the backlash-free shaft coupling elastic "Rotex GS"And the play-rotating rigid Servo-disc clutch "Radex NC"To. But that's not all: The KTR engineers have currently developed a third version, which to connect to the play-torsionally stiff metal bellows "Flex Tool"Provides. This series was first presented at the Motek 2013 the public. Thus, the coupling manufacturer from Rheine the only provider in the market that offers the coupling variants "elastomer", "fins" and "bellows" standard with a torque limiter.

If the coupling within the life of the respective drive only respond once the purchase has more than paid off: in terms of cost, the principle applies. Because the damage caused during an overload, without exception, are several times more expensive than the purchase and installation of a system overload.

Mechanics faster than electronics

For electrical monitoring of the drive torque is measured with a corresponding signal that the drive can be switched off at a defined overload torque. There are the designers of this system for faster and thus keep safe. A fallacy: The electronics is extremely fast in many cases. But when it comes to the real overload protection in power systems, the mechanism in terms of the speed of the nose is almost always forward. Finally, even with electronic shut-off is still the lag in the drive to be considered. This can, despite shutdown, still cause considerable damage. When an overload clutch, however, the signal does not take on the electric motor by controlling the turning of the sensor. In case of overload the mechanism separates the shaft assembly directly. This suggests to use a mechanical overload system as the Syntex NC, especially in highly dynamic drives.

The new overload system qualifies for the particular application in modern servo drives, in which prevails a high dynamic. Ddazu includes modern tools and packaging machines as well as the entire special machine, but also the control and positioning technology.

The author Dirk Kohls is product manager at KTR GmbH, Rheine.

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