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High tightening torques can be a real challenge when mounting large shaft couplings - especially in confined spaces. That's why Mayr Antriebstechnik that Roba-DS multi-plate clutch for high torques equipped with an easy-to-install, positive-locking conical connection. This works with very low tightening torques. The five sizes of this series cover a nominal torque range from 22.000 to 110.000 Nm.

With the Roba-DS with conical connection, the elastic plate pack is connected to the attachment parts such as hubs, flanges and sleeves in a form-locking and backlash-free manner. Outer conical bolts are drawn into the conical bores of the add-on parts and the flange bushes of the disk packs by means of tensioning screws. The cone shape creates forces that radially expand the flange bushes and add-on parts, thus guaranteeing a backlash-free connection of the disk pack.

The new cone connection reduces screw tightening torques to a fraction compared to conventional frictional constructions. This facilitates the assembly and disassembly considerably. In addition, the units for installing and removing the clutch must not be moved.

Roba-DS disc pack couplings are extremely robust, insensitive to high and low temperatures, extremely torsionally stiff and maintenance-free. They transmit the torque without play and wear and compensate for axial, angular and radial shaft misalignment. In two-arm versions, the component between the two disk packs can be varied very flexibly in length to adapt to the shaft spacing. Due to their outstanding properties, disk pack couplings are very well suited for applications with high torques. Customized hubs and sleeves ensure high flexibility.

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