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ABPABP-Antriebstechnik has its Diaphragm coupling FSXK 3019 now can also be made for shaft diameters up 10 mm. The clutch suitable for a backlash torsionally rigid shaft connection with encoders or rotary encoders and compensates for shaft deflections from optimal. Misalignments are (axial, angular and lateral) are caused by manufacturing and assembly tolerances or caused by exposure to high temperatures and wear.

Amazing is the large torsional stiffness at the same time with low restoring forces at this spring disc clutch. These load the shaft bearings, cause - if they are too large - bearing wear and premature machine failure. If the restoring forces are low, then the machine "lives" longer.

Very good thermal insulation and vibration damping are other features that ultimately benefit the sensor. With only 18,3 mm length, the spring disc clutch is suitable for applications in the tightest of spaces. Robust spring diaphragms made of stainless steel are connected to the clamping hubs via secured Torx screws. Due to the mechanical structure, an angularly synchronous transmission of the rotational movements is ensured even in reverse operation. Even with critical applications up to speeds of 12.000 min-1, this clutch does not fail even in continuous operation.

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