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KTR EMOEMO hall 25, booth D 46
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KTR coupling technology offers machine tool manufacturers various types of servo couplings for application with highly dynamic servo drives in machine tools, which transmit torques without backlash and torsion, reliably compensate for shaft misalignment and damp undesired vibrations, including the "Syntex NC" backlash-free overload system. It was developed precisely for highly dynamic drives such as positioning axes and work spindles.

At the heart of the system is an absolutely backlash-free ball-and-cage principle that decouples the drive and output when a set torque is exceeded, reliably preventing major damage in the drive train and on the machine. An optionally available sensor picks up this overload signal and can switch off the drive.

New to the Syntex NC are the consistent lightweight design, the high power density and a low moment of inertia with extremely compact dimensions. This does not affect the dynamics of the drive, and since less mass is moved with each positioning operation, the overload system indirectly saves electrical energy.

Technically, the lightweight construction was realized by the use of special materials in hybrid construction in conjunction with wear-resistant surface coatings. The Syntex NC is initially available in three sizes with release torques of up to 65, 145 and 280 Nm and shaft diameters of maximum 25, 32 and 42 mm. The backlash-free shaft-hub connection is easily accessible, the torque is preset and can be easily readjusted. In addition, the overload system is also available in combination with their servo clutches as with those widely used in Werkzeugmachinnbau backlash-free elastic "Rotex GS" as well as the extremely compact construction torsionally stiff "Radex NC".

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