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ktr0713 pbThe idea that a motor developer had at the end of the 1980 years was as unusual as it was plausible: if you put a cast-iron connecting rod with a notch or a hole and then break it in a targeted manner, a form-fitting fit with an exact fit is created Dividing surfaces do not have to be laboriously processed. Uses these advantages KTR now at the shaft coupling "Rotex Split ".

The hubs of conventional Rotex claw clutches are produced as usual in this new coupling series as a gray cast iron part. But then they are mechanically separated by "cracking" and bolted again during assembly. It should be noted that the two halves of the hub can not be combined with others.

The advantage of the Rotex Split is that its hub can be radially removed and installed without dismantling the units. This makes it very suitable for installation in confined spaces and heavy drive trains. At the same time it is ensured that the hub or the connection of the two halves of the hub is not weakened by the (break) separation.

There is the Rotex split in the sizes 38 to 90. For the elastomers, the user has the choice between different materials or Shore hardnesses - including the new, highly temperature-resistant universal material "T-PUR". This allows the coupling to be adapted to the individual load case.

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