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orbit1012With the model "Thermbago" Orbit offers a driving technique Coupling program tuned for vacuum applications, Coating or semiconductor manufacturing equipment under vacuum conditions are potential applications. The bellows couplings are predestined for applications in the high temperature range or in the presence of aggressive media.

The program includes compensating couplings in an outer diameter range from 15 to 101 mm. The functional element of these couplings is a stainless steel bellows, which is welded to the stainless steel hubs. This secure procedure ensures that the bellows is permanently connected to the hubs even under critical temperature conditions. The torsion-resistant bellows couplings compensate for parallel misalignment, depending on the coupling size, up to a maximum of 0,2 mm, angular displacements up to a maximum of 2 °. The range of couplings covers a nominal torque range from 1,8 to 320 Nm and allows precise operation in a temperature range up to 300 ° C.

The non-positive clamping hubs are equipped with radially operated clamping screws. This ensures a backlash-free shaft connection even in reverse operation. The series is available for shaft diameters from 3 to 60 mm. There are also feather key connections and flange designs for connection to customer-specific flange parts.

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