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Tsubaki-Motek2012-1Motek Hall 3, 3207 Stand

In the focus of the fair appearance of Tsubaki is the real flex coupling series, which has been optimized with the help of the finite element method. The new backlash-free disc clutches run lubrication-free and offer a higher precision due to the improved torsional rigidity.

The range of true flex couplings ranges from the small, high-precision NES series with the smallest torque transmission from 0,7 Nm through the NEF series with 19,6 to 6860 Nm up to the large NEH series with a maximum of 176.000 Nm. The application possibilities of the Real-Flex couplings are versatile: Applications of the NES and NEF couplings can be found, for example, from the NC machining center to printing presses, lifting devices and industrial robots, while the NEH coupling is also suitable for mining.

For large distances between the shaft ends, TSUBAKI offers a selection of long coupling variants: The double disc clutch acts as a floating shaft. With the U-disc clutch, the spacer element can be removed and installed without disassembling the disc connection. The G-disc clutch can replace toothed couplings. In addition, other versions can be equipped with different shaft connection methods such as power lock, keyway or clamping.

Thanks to their wear-free parts, the Echt-Flex couplings have a very long service life. They are made entirely of metal. In addition, there are no sliding or moving parts and thus no friction surfaces, so that the lubrication is eliminated. As a result, the couplings withstand extremely high temperatures and, thanks to their specially treated surfaces, are suitable for virtually any environment. Their freedom of movement makes them suitable for use on servomotors and in general for all applications requiring high-precision power transmission. The optimized lamella design enables high torsional strength, which in turn ensures significantly reduced elastic deformation. This even small rotational movements can be precisely transferred to the driven side. In the coupling design, unnecessary flange portions were removed and replaced with a square hub. This results in the low moment of inertia.

The company also presents the fifth generation of its maintenance-free BS / DIN Lambda roller chain, ZIP chain linear actuator and gripper chain with specially designed moving grippers.

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