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KBK0612KBK Antriebstechnik expands its product range with one-piece and two-piece shell couplings for the transmission of high torques. Both versions are available either in burnished steel or stainless steel with bore diameters from 5 to 50 mm. Especially the stainless steel versions are suitable for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Rigid couplings such as the one-piece KBST and the two-piece KBST G are used everywhere where several shaft pieces of the same diameter must be connected via a non-positive connection to a long drive shaft - such as in the wood industry. But designers also rely on the non-shiftable clutches when connecting turbine and dynamo waves in power plants.

The one-piece version of the KBK shell clutch covers the shaft completely. It is pushed onto the shaft and tightened radially with four screws. This results in a high torsional force without damaging the shaft due to micro friction. The two-part half-shell design can be radially mounted even with fixed shafts. It is easy to disassemble and thus enables quick and easy maintenance of the parts to be joined. The removal of other components is not required. Whether one-piece or two-piece design - the shell couplings are mounted very quickly.

In both variants, tight manufacturing tolerances guarantee large-area shaft-to-coupling contact, maximizing torque transmission capacity. The largest non-positively transferable torque is 2250 Nm. The wear-free and maintenance-free shell couplings are applicable for both directions of rotation. Also keyways can be realized.

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