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KBK0312Clamping sets are selected according to available space and the respective requirements for force and torque transmission as well as occurring axial forces. Every designer decides very individually. The product portfolio of KBK covers all standards Inner and outer tensioning sets and goes even further.

The product range of KBK also includes clamping set variants that can not be found everywhere, such as the KBS52 series (torque: 60 to 8300 Nm) and KBS61 (6 to 1900 Nm). They have a more compact inner to outer diameter ratio than conventional inner clamping sets. The shaft-hub connections of the KBS52 series are self-centering and quick to assemble. The KBS61 series offers a wide clamping range, good centering capability and optimum concentricity. It is available from shaft diameters of 5 mm and thus designed for the requirements of linear technology. For connections on hubs with a small wall thickness, internal clamping sets such as the KBK series KBS80 are suitable. Their long and flat cones ensure smooth running in the torque range from 12 to 17500 Nm.

The clamping sets developed especially for small hub bores by the non-self-centering series KBS51 (torque: 52 to 1433 Nm) and the self-centering series KBS55 (70 to 1360 Nm) are only tightened by a nut. These clamping elements are suitable for all applications in which the transmitted torques are not quite as high, but the assembly time is a critical factor. They have the lowest ratio of inner to outer diameter and are therefore extremely compact.

Clamping sets, which can fix two hubs or two toothed or sprocket wheels on one shaft, thus reducing space requirements and assembly time, are the inner clamping sets of the KBS62 series (torque: 950 and 11000 Nm). They are self-centering, able to transmit high bending and torques and serve the demand for ever smaller and lighter machine components.

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