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KBKIn the event of overload of machine drives due to malfunction or operator error, safety clutches interrupt torque transmission within only two milliseconds. This protects the drive components from damage and helps to avoid costly repair and downtime. KBK drive technology offers long-lasting and reliable Overload clutches with four different function mechanisms to:

* Angular synchronous design with only one locking point
* Snap-through design, which locks into place depending on the size of all 45 ° or 60 °
* Disconnecting version with a completely receding spring
* Locked design that holds the entire load.

The elements of the coupling kit form the basis for all safety clutches. Overall, 30 different models for direct and indirect drives arise in this way. The program ranges from miniaturized overload couplings of the KBK / BK series with metal bellows, easy-to-assemble clamping hub and an outside diameter of only 29 mm and a length of 46 mm to large couplings with an outside diameter of 169 mm and a length of 242 mm. The kit covers a torque range from 0,1 to 1600 Nm. Different torque ranges are available for each clutch size. The overload torque of each individual clutch is set in the factory precisely to the value specified by the customer by hand. The safety clutches for direct drives also compensate for possible shaft misalignment with minimal restoring forces.

In addition to the conventional inner cone connection, the kit also contains connections via the outer cone, feather key and clamping hub. In addition, the Klingenberger family-owned company offers overload clutches for indirect drives with both ball and compact plain bearings. The latter allow the inclusion of smaller components with higher torques.

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