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TsubakiTsubaki be Range of recreational runners and backstops on European standard expands and holds now also available in store with short delivery times. The overrunning clutches and backstops are suitable for various applications: for example, in the production of corrugated board an overrunning clutch is required to keep the paste from drying rolls. At various bucket elevators, as they can be found for example in the food and cement industries for batch transport, prevent backstops that the return of the drive shafts causes damage to the machine or other equipment.

The couplings are designed for torques of up to 686.000 Nm and, in addition to the required functionality, also offer safety, especially in the case of costly systems. All standard models of the product range are available from stock. In addition, there is a large selection of special couplings.

The product range includes models for light, medium and heavy duty applications with overflow, indexing and backflow protection functions. Applicable at low to high speeds, the overrunning clutches and backstops are also available with specific product features such as keyways, special lip seals for effective protection against dust, low-maintenance oil and grease-filled designs, and additional components such as flanges, torque arms and covers.

The product range acc. European standard offers eight variants. With increasing size, weight and performance requirements, special solutions are increasingly in demand. If alternatives according to American or Japanese standards do not meet these requirements, then Tsubaki develops tailor-made solutions together with the customer, right through to completely new designs for OEM applications. The service for tailor-made solutions is particularly useful when retrofitting or refurbishing older systems, for example if original one-way clutches and backstops are technically obsolete or worn out and rework or replacement would not be economically viable.

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