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jacobWith the models SKX-L, and SKB SKY offers Jakob Antriebstechnik GmbH, a generation of safety clutches, Guarantees the comprehensive overload protection and maximum harm reduction for indirect drives. The set torque by means of a clamping ring hub absolutely free of play and positively transmitted from the shaft to the clutch hub. The radial operation with only one clamping screw permits a very simple and time-saving installation.

Their strength play these couplings, especially for large bore and shaft diameters. With the 100 Nm model, for example, the maximum diameter of the hub bore could be extended to 35 mm. The disengaging torque can be easily readjusted by turning the adjusting nut or adjusting ring on the machine.

The SKB and SKY series couplings are suitable for normal and large pulleys and pinions due to the pitch diameter of the mounting threads, whereas the SKX-L series is specifically designed for large-width and small-diameter attachments. The centering seats on the mounting flange have in the standard version concentricity and axial runout tolerances of a maximum of 0,03 mm for the SKB models and 0,05 mm for the SKX-L and SKY series.

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