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mayrMayr Antriebstechnik presents a major free-type safety clutch for torques up 280.000 Nm. This large clutch for heavy machinery is with curved tooth couplings for connection of two shafts kombiniert.Als global market leader of the drive specialist, for decades the widest range of load holding, load-separating, torque and force limiting, friction, interlocking, magnetic, variable and switchable safety clutches. Currently, the demand for new clutches, high torque and after application-optimized solutions. Therefore, the output range of the free-rotating EAS-element clutches extended.

EAS element couplings transfer the torque in a form-locking manner during trouble-free operation. In the event of overload, they separate input and output almost free of residual torque with high switch-off and repeat accuracy. The kinetic energy of the rotating masses stored in the system can run out freely. Such disconnecting clutches do not automatically engage again. They remain separated until they are re-engaged by hand or mechanical or hydraulic devices.

Since 30 years, release-switching EAS element couplings have protected plants and drives in heavy machinery from expensive overload damage.

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