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runningRuland poses rigid couplings with precisely honed holes. The honing process provides benefits that increase the overall performance of the coupling: accurate shaft alignment, accurate shaft containment, and higher torque transfer. The couplings are suitable for applications where precise shaft alignment control is important. The honing process ensures that both holes are collinear with each other. The collinear bores even make it possible to use the coupling as a shaft alignment mechanism. On the other hand, mounting a less accurate rigid coupling can result in inaccurate shaft alignment in a system and cause premature failure of bearings, seals, and other components.

Honing can also eliminate residual deformation of the bore due to stresses during the manufacturing process, resulting in a round, precisely dimensioned bore. Precise geometry and fit ensure an exact enclosure of the shaft and higher torque transfer capacities. This sometimes eliminates splines, which reduces labor and material costs.

The couplings are available in one or two-piece designs in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel with bore sizes from 3 to 50 mm and with or without keyways. In addition to designs with straight, precisely honed holes, there are some with stepped holes that connect two shafts with different diameters.

Clamping hub design as well as in adjusting screw version are available. Couplings in clamping hub design have the advantage of leaving the shaft undamaged in contrast to the set screw design. Furthermore, they have higher holding forces, since in the attachment, the shaft is enclosed with a uniform distribution of clamping forces. Clamp-hub two-piece couplings can be attached to the shaft without disassembling other shaft components. Screws that have been coated in the Nypatch process prevent release under vibration.

All Ruland couplings are RoHS and Reach compliant. The complete product range includes clamping and collars, rigid couplings and five different types of backlash-free servo couplings: flexible beam couplings, bellows couplings, Oldham couplings, elastomer couplings and multi-disc couplings.

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