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More torque can not hurt, he thought ABP-Antriebstechnik and completed the family of helical couplings. The aim was to increase the transmittable torque especially for the use of the couplings for measuring tasks in the "heavy load range" and for applications in linear drives. This is achieved in the new variants by multi-start helix. The maximum torque can therefore be up to 22 Nm, depending on the version. With the greatest possible torsional stiffness, the lowest restoring forces are achieved. These properties protect the bearings and shafts of the drive elements to be connected. Due to the design results in a good vibration damping. The couplings are made in one piece and have no moving parts; this avoids friction losses.

The couplings are available in aluminum and stainless steel, which makes it possible to use in the high temperature range or in the food industry. In addition, the customer can choose between a clamp or hub connection. The free rotation in the helix area is standard, so that the waves can protrude into the clutch inner part without affecting the function. Keyway grooves can be introduced if required. The couplings are available in several sizes with an outside diameter from 9,5 to 38,1 mm and overall lengths from 14,2 to 66,7 mm. The bore diameters are between 2 and 22 mm, different hole combinations are possible.

The couplings are suitable for heavy-duty rotary encoders, servo and stepper motors, drives in mechanical and plant engineering and in automation technology.

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