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KBKKBK Antriebstechnik presents a series of innovations in its metal bellows couplings. Additional sizes, types of connections and materials expand the range of application of the compact and backlash-free overload clutches. The trend towards miniaturization does not stop at metal bellows couplings. He meets the size of 05. The coupling is 14 mm long, has an outside diameter of 6,5 mm and a bore diameter from 1 to 3 mm. It is designed for a torque of 0,05 Nm. With the new size, compensating couplings with metal bellows in the torque range from 0,05 to 5000 Nm are now available.

For metal bellows couplings in the torque range from 0,5 to 500 Nm, a half-shell design facilitates installation in tight installation conditions. It can be installed radially; the waves do not have to be moved. With its bellows coupling series with expansion hub for the hollow shaft connection, the manufacturer has expanded its range and can now supply couplings for torques up to 300 Nm. The maximum was previously at 10 Nm.

For metal bellows couplings with clamping hub and torques from 80 Nm, there is a version in high-strength aluminum. With around 50% lower weight, the material still achieves the same transfer and strength values ​​as steel. At the Motek, KBK not only presented a lighter version of the metal bellows couplings with clamping hub, but for the first time also a compact version of this coupling group. With the same outside diameter and same transmittable torque, this series is up to 20% shorter than the standard series. The torque range of the compact version ranges from 30 to 500 Nm.

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