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RulandRuland offers a complete Series of clamping rings which are characterized by controlled tolerance of the face for drilling and high holding power. The clamping rings are used, for example, in motors, gearboxes, linear drives, packaging machines, printing machines, medical devices and precision instruments. During drilling, they are aligned only on the front side to ensure that the end face is exactly perpendicular to the hole.

The standard clamping rings have a perpendicularity of the bore to the face of TIR <0.05 mm (TIR, Total Indicator Reading, Total Meter Display). Custom-made products and bearing retainers can have even tighter tolerances. An exact relationship between end face and bore is very important for many applications, so that components such as bearings are accurately positioned and do not sit obliquely on the shaft. It also provides a uniform pressure over intermediate components and thus longer life. In addition, the risk is reduced that the clamping ring slips in shock load. A circular notch indicates the face-turned side of the clamp rings. The clamp rings should be mounted with the notch on the side that receives the impact load or on those components that require accurate positioning or even pressure distribution.

The RoHS- and REACH-compliant clamping rings are available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and high-quality plastic. The clamping screw design is available as a one or two piece version with bore diameters from 3 to 80 mm. Clamp-type wave rings also have a higher holding force, as they firmly encircle the shaft, distributing the compression pressure on the shaft almost uniformly over the shaft circumference. In contrast to the adjusting screw version, the shaft is not damaged. Two-piece clamp rings have the further advantage that they can be installed on the shaft without having to remove other components. Ruland uses forged hexagon socket head cap screws for all clamp rings to achieve higher tightening torques and holding forces.

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