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Shaft coupling for ball screw driveThe connection of Ball Screw or Acme screw The drive journal of an engine or gearbox is usually not made rigid, but via a flexible one Clutch. This can compensate for misalignments or misalignments and minimize vibrations and shocks in the drive train. Dr. Tretter now offers compact Couplings.

The shaft coupling consists of two identical hubs with concave claws and an elastomeric ring gear in between, which enables an elastic connection. These components serve as a connecting element between the drive and ball screw drive and enable simple and precisely fitting assembly. The hubs are clamped using a screw. The respective inner diameter is freely selectable depending on the size. Because the aluminum is anodized, they are extremely low in corrosion.

On request, the user can also get the new shaft couplings with soft sprockets, in sizes 55 to 80 mm and with feather key. The program of Dr. Tretter also includes other types such as Multi-plate or bellows clutches.

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  • Automatica expert knowledge Alexander Rubin, product manager at Dr. knows how to use internal machine material flows more efficiently with high-quality machine elements. Tretter in Rechberghausen. With an extensive range of ball casters, users can easily move loads of different weights. This portfolio also includes the Air Cargo range of heavy-duty ball casters, which is significantly lighter than the competition and yet very resilient.
  • FMB-Süd Stand B08 specialist article Dr. Tretter presents standardized rail guides with which positioning systems can be implemented economically. Linear axes from the modular system are also available in different sizes and designs. Another focus is on shaft guides as well as ball screws and trapezoidal screws - an overview of the comprehensive range from Rechberghausen.
  • The ball screw or trapezoidal screw is usually not connected to the drive journal of a motor or gearbox in a rigid manner, but via a flexible coupling. This can compensate for misalignments or misalignments and minimize vibrations and shocks in the drive train. Dr. Tretter now offers compact shaft couplings for this.
  • FMB-Süd Stand B8 Interview mit Rainer Ott Technischer Verkauf, Dr. Erich Tretter GmbH + Co., Rechberghausen Das Interview wurde am 8. Oktober 2019 auf der Motek in Stuttgart gegeben.
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  • For certain applications, trapezoidal screws are an extremely economical alternative to the more precise ball screws. Dr. Tretter has now added it to its broad product portfolio and covers a very wide range of diameters and pitches with these components.
  • Motek Hall 6, Booth 6104 Tolerance sleeves are slotted sheet metal sleeves with beads that are stamped like wave crests. The standard material is stainless steel spring steel, which can withstand temperatures up to 250 ° C. Special designs can even be used at temperatures up to 450 ° C or in aggressive chemical environments. Dr. Tretter presents its tolerance sleeves or tolerance rings built into a robot arm to show what they can do.
  • All about Automation Stand A-414 You convert the rotation of a motor into a linear movement with a very high degree of efficiency: The ball screws from Dr. Tretter can use designers for all types of linear guides. These consist of a spindle, a nut with the balls and the bearing. With a high degree of efficiency, they convert the rotation of a motor into a linear movement.
  • Technical articles Ball screw spindles have been the preferred machine element in machine tools for decades to move slides precisely and quickly. But like every mechanical element, they are also subject to constant wear. If they have to be replaced at the end of their service life, it is not uncommon for long delivery times to result in high downtime costs for the affected machine. Dr. In many cases, Tretter has the right solution in stock.
  • All about Automation Hall 1, Stand 221 Dr. Tretter presents its extensive range of linear axes from the "Movitec" product line. For example, users can quickly and flexibly implement special solutions for positioning and handling tasks using the modular principle. A new addition to the ball screw range is a version with a steel housing for ball screw nuts.
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