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flender0619Flender completes its 2017 featured "N-Arpex" coupling and introduces two further expansion stages with eight and ten bolting points. As a result, the coupling series covers a diameter of up to 988 mm and a torque of up to 2.000.000 Nm. Due to the compact design and an enlarged bore capacity, a size jump is also possible.

A smaller clutch transmits a higher torque compared to the predecessor model Arpex. The torsionally rigid all-steel multi-plate clutch is suitable, among other things, for driving pumps, fans, compressors, generators, turbines and paper and printing machines.

Cone screw connection for the plate packs

A new, more compact Flender cone screw connection for the disk packs enables easy and quick mounting of the couplings, especially in the high torque range. It increases the power density of the N-Arpex series. The 2017 with the ARN-6 variant introduced, revised component design with the compact design and an enlarged bore capacity already for an improved ratio of torque and material use.
With the two new N-Arpex couplings, Flender is introducing a kit that increases the number of variants available while at the same time reducing the number of components. The three standard series from its predecessor Arpex merge into a series at N-Arpex.

The new series are also designed for an explosive environment in accordance with the 2014 / 34 / EU directive and meet the requirements of API610 / ISO 13709 and API671 / ISO 10441. N-Arpex all-steel couplings are standard designed for cryogenic temperatures down to -50 ° C. The torque transmission with simultaneous offset compensation between the machines to be connected takes place in the completely made of steel coupling free of play, torsionally rigid and bending elastic. The offset compensation can be done in the axial, angular and radial directions. The disc packs of the N-Arpex couplings are made of stainless spring steel, are not subject to wear and are therefore maintenance-free.

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More news about couplings

  • Hannover Messe Hall 5, Stand D32 / 1 Expert knowledge At the moment, the multi-plate clutch is enjoying increasing demand from designers and developers of industrial drive technology against the background of the Ringspann product offensive, which has been running for two years. In the field of shaft couplings, this has led to the addition of numerous new types of couplings to the portfolio. This addresses the correct selection and design of the non-switchable, torsionally rigid shaft couplings at the Hannover Messe 2020.
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  • KBK Antriebstechnik has developed the KBGK and KBGK-T articulated couplings that connect shafts and components with extremely little play and even compensate for high radial and angular misalignments. They are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum and steel, are torsionally rigid in the circumferential direction and give in to radial forces and angular deviations.
  • The ball screw or trapezoidal screw is usually not connected to the drive journal of a motor or gearbox in a rigid manner, but via a flexible coupling. This can compensate for misalignments or misalignments and minimize vibrations and shocks in the drive train. Dr. Tretter now offers compact shaft couplings for this.
  • SPS Hall 3, Booth 419 Rigid couplings of the "Torqmax step bore" series from Orbit Antriebstechnik enable the play-free connection of shafts with different diameters thanks to their graduated bores. For a low mass moment of inertia, the couplings are made of aluminum, additionally anodized to prevent corrosion, and some are also available in stainless steel.
  • EMO Hall 5, Stand D89 The "Simple-Flex" series from Jakob Antriebstechnik is a new type of spacer coupling that can be manufactured up to a length of 6 m and does not require additional intermediate storage. A sophisticated composite tube with a multi-layer, angle-specific fiber configuration enables a particularly simple design that does not require any coupling compensation elements at the tube ends.
  • EMO Hall 3, Stand E22 Ringspann presents the new clamping coupling for fixing driven rotary swivel tables in multi-axis machining centers. Immediately after its first presentation last autumn, this mechanical-hydraulic high-precision solution has become the favorite of numerous well-known manufacturers of machine tools and swivel-swivel portals.
  • With its clutches and brakes, EMO Hall 8, Stand E45 Mayr Antriebstechnik offers complete solutions from a single source for the reliable protection of machine tools and machining centers. For example, a wide range of backlash-free, powerful servo couplings ensures a secure connection between the shafts. And a wide portfolio of reliable safety brakes is available to protect gravity-loaded axles.
  • Flender completes its "N-Arpex" coupling, which was introduced in 2017, and introduces two further expansion stages with eight and ten screw points. As a result, the coupling series covers a diameter of up to 988 mm and a torque of up to 2.000.000 Nm. Due to the compact design and an increased bore capacity, a size increase is also possible.
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