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Using modern sensor technology and telematics has Ringspann developed a condition monitoring system for housing freewheels. In particular, the operators of complex multi-engine systems and their maintenance engineers thus have the opportunity to monitor in advance all important performance and MRO parameters of the installed freewheels - in real time and remotely. Data analysis, remote maintenance and functional integration in higher-level control systems are included in the offer.

The FH Series Freewheel Clutches are overrunning clutches and, with rated torques from 1.356 to 81.000 Nm, are used, for example, as automatic overrunning clutches in drive trains with several high-speed motors or turbines. Staying in the picture about what's going on inside the freewheels is crucial for plant operators and their service teams. As part of predictive maintenance, best around the clock, in real time and independent of location. These desires of the users - and others more - have been incorporated into the development of RINGSPANN's new condition monitoring system for the housing freewheels of the FH series.

In addition to innovative sensor and diagnostic technology, modern telematics tools were used for the realization. The result is a practical all-in-one solution that gives the user a complete overview of the current functional and kinematic status of each housing free run integrated in the condition monitoring system. For this purpose, all MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) relevant operating temperatures and performance parameters are recorded. For fine analysis and interpretation, all data can be forwarded via remote maintenance directly to the service center.

The plant operator or maintenance engineer can track the MRO-relevant events freewheeling on the screen, tablet or smartphone. The system is not designed as a singular stand-alone product, but designed for integration into higher-level production or service control systems. Modern network and Internet technologies are therefore an integral part of the overall package.

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