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jakob0119Special high-speed test benches are used to test bearings. In these tests, the effects of different lubricants on the sliding properties of the bearings in the endurance test are checked. KSS couplings from Jacob ensure safe transmission of all forces and torques.

The structural design of such a test rig must meet different requirements. The drive is subject to special conditions. In addition to a lateral force-free storage, the coupling is a not to be underestimated component. Essential features in this case are the absolute torsional rigidity, the good damping properties and, of course, the precise and almost powerless compensation of all offset errors between the shaft ends.

For such applications, torsionally rigid flexible couplings are suitable. The thin metal bellows have balancing and vibration damping properties. The high flexibility of the KSS couplings with their 2 corrugated bellows and straight adapter as well as easy assembly of the coupling through the use of cone bushes as shaft-hub connection guarantee a safe transmission of all forces and torques, even with small shaft diameters without additional feather key.

The rotationally symmetric design ensures a dynamic operating behavior even at very high speeds. The couplings are torsionally rigid and offer very low restoring forces with shaft misalignment as well as a low moment of inertia. Torques from 25 to 2500 Nm are possible. In addition to test stands, couplings are also particularly often used in servo and actuator drives.

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