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nord10718Pumping, stirring, mixing: For the process industry offers Nord Drive Systems reliable Drive train technology with increased storage and a large storage distance. This ensures maximum radial and axial load capacity and a longer service life of the gearbox.

Standard gearboxes are usually designed to accommodate a variety of gear ratios and speeds. They are sufficiently dimensioned with regard to the safety of the components for the expected engine performance. These expected standard requirements are also taken into account by the bearings. If the forces on the output shaft exceed the possibilities of a transmission, it is typically switched to a larger transmission. Because a standard housing does not allow an increase in the bearing distance and also the size of the bearing are limited. This unnecessarily increases the costs.

nord0718Especially for pump, stirring and mixing applications with process-related high radial and axial loads, the drive specialist offers application-specific equipment that is very efficient and economical. The variants include a stirrer version (VL2 bearing) with a large bearing distance and a reinforced bearing and a Drywell version (VL3 bearing) with additional oil drip disc and leak oil indicator or oil sensor. The distance between the bearings is increased in the VL2 and VL3 bearings by attachments, the gear size remains constant. It also offers the use of very large bearings that have been deliberately oversized for applications such as pumps or agitators.

Whether chemical, pharmaceutical, food or wastewater industry - the robust drive solutions are reliable and ensure trouble-free operation. The reinforcement of the output shaft bearing and larger bearings allow the absorption of large axial and radial forces by the transmission and extend the life.

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