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Lean technology presents the extremely smooth running Rack and Pinion "Lifgo SVZ"For particularly noise-sensitive applications and the stepless holding brake SHB with fail-safe function. The helical rack-and-pinion gears run very smoothly because the power transmission does not begin suddenly and over the entire tooth width, as in straight-toothing, but increases slowly.

These running characteristics reduce the noise of the transmission significantly. Lifgo SVZ transmissions are as robust as the standard Lifgo transmissions and achieve the same precision and stroke speed. The three sizes SVZ 5.1, 5.3 and 5.4 provide lifting power of 3400, 14.400 and 22.600 N. Four different versions are available: The SVZ is an extremely durable gearbox and achieves high synchronicity even at high speeds, the linear SVZ is particularly suitable for long stroke and travel paths, the double SVZ was designed for gripping and centering movements and the linear double SVZ for gripping and centering movements in applications with long travels.

With the SHB stepless holding brake, users can significantly reduce the risk of danger to plant operators, especially on vertical, gravity-loaded axles. It is opened with compressed air 6 to 20 bar and automatically locks in the event of a pneumatic failure. It achieves nominal holding forces from 7500 to 30.000 N in the available versions.

Since the available pressure in the compressed air system for operating the SHB in some cases is not sufficient, the manufacturer delivers a so-called pressure booster. This increases the pressure purely mechanically and is therefore much cheaper than a general increase in system pressure, which would entail high energy costs. With the booster, the SHB can be operated with a pressure of 20 bar, so that nominal holding forces of up to 30.000 N can be achieved.

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