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Sustainable environmental technologies from drive technology presented Nord Drive Systemsincluding intelligent and energy-efficient drive technology as well as its comprehensive service and maintenance offerings. Among the novelties include the one-stage Helical gearbox "Nordbloc.1or additional device sizes "Maxxdrive" industrial gearboxline.

The networked, self-sufficient and scalable drives form master-slave groups (picture above), which intelligently communicate with each other and thus can take over the monitoring and control of demarcated plant areas. Does it come z. As a blockade, this is detected and - if possible - solved independently. If this is not feasible, the blockade is reported to the central controller and controlled, for example, a networked replacement drive.

nord203181By integrating the PLC into the frequency converters, the drives can record the drive and application data as well as evaluate all available sensor and actuator data - a basis for condition monitoring. Together with the customer, the manufacturer develops predictive maintenance solutions for predictive and thus predictable maintenance of the drives. The goal of these algorithms is to reduce unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and increase drive life.

The high-performance energy-saving motors have high efficiencies and thus enable significant savings in operating costs. In particular, the IE4 synchronous motors meet the highest efficiency requirements - thanks to PMSM technology even in partial load ranges and low speed ranges. Energy-efficient operation is also ensured by the frequency converter, They have energy-saving features and can automatically adapt engine performance to actual needs as load changes.

nord403181The new single-stage "Nordbloc.1" helical gearboxes are very efficient and offer a high torsional rigidity with low operating noise as well as a long service life. In addition, they fulfill the highest hygiene standards thanks to the wash-down design. They represent a reliable, robust and cost-effective drive solution for pumps, mixers and fans as well as applications in conveyor technology.

The Maxxdrive modular industrial gearbox series has been supplemented with two additional sizes with nominal torques from 15 and 20 kNm as well as extruder flanges. With it, new solutions for heavy-duty applications are possible. Based on the industrial gear units, complete drive systems for heavy-duty operation with motors and drive electronics, eg for conveyor technology, pumps and agitators can be created.

The drive specialist offers a comprehensive modular service concept for regular, preventive maintenance and servicing of the drive solutions used. Depending on requirements, the operator can select different services - from support during commissioning through specific maintenance packages to on-site analysis to estimate a repair effort.

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