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Leantechnik0218The robust and precise "Lifgo" -Zahnstangengetriebe Lean technology is now available in a very smooth-running version. The Lifgo SVZ with helical gearing was specially developed for noise-sensitive applications. It runs almost silently and works just as robust and precise as the standard Lifgo transmission.

The new series is available in the three sizes Lifgo SVZ 5.1, 5.3 and 5.4 with lifting forces of 3400, 14.400 and 22.600 N. Four different versions are available: The SVZ is an extremely durable transmission and achieves high synchronicity even at high speeds, the Linear SVZ is particularly suitable for long stroke and travel distances, the double SVZ was designed for gripping and centering movements and the Linear Double SVZ for gripping and centering movements in applications with long travel distances.

The SVZ gearboxes with helical gearing reach speeds of up to 3 m / s with accelerations of 50 m / s2, It is available as a fully assembled, ready-to-use Leantranspo positioning and handling system.

The first users are already successfully using the gearbox: for example, in the Gulliver's Gate miniature world in New York's Times Square, a Lifgo SVZ rack-and-pinion gearbox ensures that the aircraft on a tour will "lift off" at the model airport without noticeable background noise.

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