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kocomotion0417SPS IPC Drives Hall 3, 240 Stand

Especially with tape drives, the installation spaces are often very cramped. This is suitable for a AC drive with angular gear, because it can reduce the necessary rear space on the drive side with him. koco Motion introduces the new angle gearbox BRH for its small versions of 4-pole AC asynchronous motors, with which the drive direction can be rotated by 90 °.

The bevel gearbox is available for K8 series with a diameter of 80 mm and for the K9 series with a diameter of 90 mm. The BRH is based on the reduction ratios from 3 / 1 to 180 / 1. With the 1: 10 front-mounted gearbox, they can also be stockpiled on the engine side. The user has the choice between shaft or hollow shaft output. Output torque is possible up to 20 Nm. Versions with power from 25 to 200 W in the versions "Reversible", "Induction", "Brake" and "Speed ​​Control" are available as drive motors.

Depending on the design of the motors, the connection is single-phase on 230 V AC with auxiliary capacitor to a speed controller or as 3-phase AC motors in the range of 230 to 400 V.
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