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nord0117Nord Drive Systems has a industrial gear configured with 240.000 Nm rated torque and numerous application-specific adjustments for Moroccan phosphate mine. It is the largest to date system with one-piece gearbox.

The drive system consists of a SK 15407 bevel gearbox, a medium voltage 450 kW rated motor, a rocker arm, a fluid coupling and an electrohydraulic brake. The drive specialist has configured a total of 26 systems to the customer's extremely strict specifications, taking into account the harsh environmental and operating conditions. They move a 2-km-long conveyor that transports phosphate ore weighing several hundred tons.

The heavy-duty gear configuration offers high availability and high tolerance to load peaks and impacts. The block housing counteracts leakage and allows a compact design with very high radial and axial load capacity. All six gearbox sides are available for installation; In addition, a flange mounting is possible.

The moving parts are covered with protective covers. By means of the fluid coupling, the application side including the transmission can be completely separated from the motor side. Thus, the solution ensures both high work safety and reliability.
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