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nord0116Nord Drive Systems expanding its youngest, slender two-Kegelradgetriebebaureihe to a smaller model for output torques up to 50 Nm. This provides for the small load range now next worm gear units also in highly efficient Kegelstirnradbauart available. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship, the gears are high mechanical load and withstand large forces acting on the output shaft.

The short-term overload tolerance is 275% - sufficient to bridge the time until the motor protection triggers, so that after a mechanical block usually no damage occurs and can be continued without interrupting maintenance.

The new models are available for translations from 3,58 to 61,88. They complement the existing series, which now includes six sizes with torques up to 660 Nm. They are available with hollow and solid shaft, one or two-sided shaft outlet, for foot or flange mounting as well as in open and closed construction. The very high power density of all variants ensures robust reliability and easy handling. The gearboxes are designed for reverse operation as standard. Motors, drive electronics as well as accessories, seals and lubricants are configured by the manufacturer for all industrial areas in accordance with the application. For example, the powerful corrosion protection treatment "Nsd TupH" is available.
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