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ebmpapst0415Applications in automation, intralogistics or mechanical engineering require powerful and compact drives. Ebm-papst offers a modular kit from which the user can assemble the motor with the optimum gearbox for each individual case. For the upper power range up to 600 W, the "Optimax 63" now offers a highly overloadable planetary gearbox. Whether continuous use or short-term peak load, the gearbox is suitable for practically all applications.

The Optimax gear unit with protection type IP40 (optional IP54) is very compact with only 67,5 mm length at 78,5 mm diameter. The optimized design of the planet gears allows for typical input speeds of 4000 min-1 Reductions from 3: 1 to 45: 1 and can thereby provide short-term torques from 9 to 109 Nm at the output shaft. This covers a large number of applications, for example, from pump drives to lifting and adjusting or sorting devices to dynamic turnstiles such as access systems in public buildings. Improved grease lubrication achieves an efficiency of 30% per gear stage over the entire temperature range from -40 ° to + 90 ° C. This noticeably extends the operating times of battery-powered mobile devices, and at the same time reduces operating noise and wear.

40 N load can be applied axially and radially to the 500 mm long output shaft. This way belt drives with pre-tensioning can be put on easily. Together with the electronically commutated ECI 63.xx -K1 or -K4 motors (rated torque up to 0,85 Nm and short-time torque up to 2,6 Nm as well as nominal speeds of 4000 min-1) results in a drive unit that is maintenance-free via 20.000 h (L10) performs its duties reliably. It is suitable for a wide range of applications with high safety requirements up to applications with impact load or harsh environmental conditions. The wide range of reduction ratios, together with the scalable ECI motors, offers the user the possibility to select the drive exactly to his needs.
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