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The highly efficient bevel gear angle gearboxes of the series "Powergear HS"By MS Graessner were consistently developed for the requirements at the highest speeds. In small gear ratios, they offer many advantages for a wide variety of applications. Modern angle gears today must be fast, quiet, reliable and sustainable. Above input speeds via 2000 min-1 the stress and performance is very high. The Powergear HS gearbox even handles up to 8500 min-1.

The single-stage gearbox offers different gear ratios with one housing. The improved bearing technology and optimized Gleason gear technology with high load capacity and noise-optimized design ensure high precision, high speed and a long service life. Various industries such as machine tools, e-mobility or even fast handling systems that use high-speed gearboxes require clutches, flanges or solid shafts on their drive. This fulfills the gearbox. The output via solid or hollow shaft as well as variable ratios allow flexible installation at optimum operating point. Depending on the ratio and design, the gearboxes allow drive speeds from 2000 to 8500 min-1, The efficiency in the toothing of more than 98% and the large operating temperature range of -30 ° to + 100 ° C ensure a lifetime of more than 15.000 h.
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