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vogel0314neuBird drive technology has changed its entire series production for bevel gears to ground circular toothing to Klingelnberg. Bevel gearboxes, bevel gearboxes and helical bevel gears now have improved quality standards. The changeover to the modern production process of ground circular arc gearing brings numerous advantages for mechanical engineers and plant operators.

In addition to the assured and reproducible production quality, it is above all the increase in productivity that led the experts to switch to the new process. This is achieved by the further reduction of concentricity errors, an improved surface of the tooth flanks with a defined contact pattern as well as increased tooth widths and improved strength. In this way the throughput times can be significantly reduced. For customers, this means faster delivery times and even greater delivery reliability.

The method of the circular arc gearing according to Klingelnberg causes an increase of the carrying capacity of an average of 7%. Running noise and heat generation are reduced in the new process. This allows for even more efficient operation. Due to the higher gear quality and accuracy even small backlashes can be easily adjusted: The backlash can be reduced to up to 2 arcmin. The optimized gearing geometry produces less specific sliding between the tooth flanks. In conjunction with the improved surface quality, this significantly increases the efficiency of the gear components to 99% and the overall gear to 97%. In conjunction with the use of high-quality synthetic oils, long-lasting and low-maintenance precision gears are created.
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