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buehler1013SPS IPC Drives Hall 1, 133 Stand

Extended with two new worm gears and two new encoders Buehler its flexible solution matrix of engines, transmissions, brakes and Enodern. The fully equipped with brass gears execution of the new worm gear stands for strength and reductions to 50: 1. The version with plastic gears covers the areas of reduction 10: from 1 and is particularly recommended as a cost-effective alternative: to 15 1.

These gearboxes are optimally combinable, with the output shaft perpendicular to the motor, with the 52 mm and 63 mm brushed DC motors and with the 63 mm EC brushless motor. Also combinable are the two encoders with these drives. Available as high-resolution optical encoders with 2 channels and 100 signals per revolution or as a particularly robust 2 channel 2 cpr magnetic encoder for use in particularly harsh environments. With an additional cap, a protection class of IP 54 can be achieved. Such drives are used in building automation, agricultural engineering and transport.

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