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neugart0513Neugart expands the tool kit of gear whisper to two other Series PSN and PSFN. In the past, primarily lowest backlash, high permissible radial and axial forces and high power density were buying decision with precision gears. Today, there are further aspects such as smoothness, synchronization and low Excitation frequency in the foreground, especially in the sectors of printing, packaging, assembly or medical technology.

With the two new series PSN and PSFN, Neugart is now reacting to this changed market behavior. If the existing planetary gearboxes of the manufacturer were equipped with straight toothing as standard, the new PSN and PSFN series are helically toothed.

The coaxial series in helical design means PSN is available in the three sizes 70, 90 and 115 with a ratio of up to 100: 1. The design is based on the construction kit of the PLN series. The noise level could be reduced by up to 6 dbA compared to the PLN series, which means a noise reduction to one third.

The helical variant of the flange gear is called PSFN. Again, there are three sizes: 64, 90 and 110. Larger gear sizes will follow throughout the year. Like its straight-toothed counterpart, the PSFN is extremely torsionally rigid, precise and, similar to the PSN, considerably smoother than the PLFN.

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