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nabtesco0313Nabtesco has its Gearhead Series "Vigo Drive RS" supplemented by several new sizes. The gearheads are designed for positioning, which loads are moved to 9 t reliable and accurate. But for other applications such as rotary indexing systems offers the RS series interesting perspectives. The integrated main bearing in the gear head allows high axial loads. Are also signs the gear heads out thanks to the cast iron base by a very simple, robust and hard-wearing floor mounting.

The engine is mounted at right angles, making it easily accessible. As in other Vigo Drive transmission lines have already proven a million times Zykloidkonstruktion is used for power transmission. From the extremely narrow margin of> 1 arcmin resulting low wear and long life for.

The rated torque is currently available in sizes between 3136 and 8820 Nm, the allowable acceleration and braking torque Nm to 17.640. Thanks Zykloidbauweise can Vigo Drive gears for peak loads as an emergency stop, collect loads between 15.680 Nm (RS-320A) and 35.280 Nm (RS-900A). Extremely compact overall heights between 345 400 mm and also enable very small machine design. The latter also favors the hollow central axis of the RS Series can be guided through the cable hoses, lines, etc.. The claim of a reduced space also transmits the integrated angular gear bill.

Product development also took into account ease of installation and ease of use. Filled with lubricant and sealed completely, the module can be used immediately and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, the Vigo Drive RS-gear heads compatible with a wide variety of servo motors and are supplied with the appropriate flanges and couplings.

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