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nord0113Nord Drive Systems has a new range of worm gears in a robust one-piece block housing in five sizes with torques up to 427 Nm in the program. New, larger output bearings allow the choice of larger shaft diameters than in the predecessor series. In addition, these large bearings ensure a longer life. For the Series SMI In addition, the aluminum chill casting was optimized once again

- The particularly smooth surface of the new housing allows virtually no dirt adherence. When closed, the gearboxes have washdown properties, so they can easily be washed off during system cleaning. On request, there are the surfaces with so-called "NSD tupH "treatmentIt makes it up to seven times harder than the base material aluminum and ensures a high level of protection against acids and alkalis. A synthetic long-life lubricant makes the screws maintenance-free over their entire service life. Thanks to the equipment with oil control screws, it is now also possible to use it in hazardous areas.

The screws provide ratios from i = 5: 1 to i = 3000: 1. Thanks to the modular system, the gearboxes can be individually tailored to application requirements. For practical configurations, the extensive module range of the SI worm gear series can be used, to which the SMI series is also flange compatible. On the drive side, several IEC standard interfaces (B5 / B14) are available to users for each gear unit size. The worm gears are available as foot or flange version, with solid or hollow shafts and in addition to the closed, also in open design.

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