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spn1012SPN Swabia precision presents itself to the Motek using an exhibited positioning application as Solution provider of drive technology (see picture) and offers "Everything from one source". Among them are components such as gear elements, motors, gear, Servo control, a linear unit - and all this environmentally friendly working thanks to energy storage.

The toothed parts consisted here of a standard rack C45, which inductively hardened and ground on all sides has a quality 6. The counterpart is a case-hardened and ground pinion, which is suitable for dry running. Ideal for positioning purposes is the used low-backlash "Pure PU45" gearbox, equipped with a helical gearing. The Stroke swivel gearbox HSE20 however falls under the category special gear. Its stroke of 50 mm allows unlimited swinging movements. Due to the separate drives, any but defined curves can be approached with a repeat accuracy in the stroke of 50 μm. The lack of play in the swivel range is max. 1 arcmin.

The company allows for a manufacturer-independent selection of the engine that is optimized for the powertrain. The used Servo control CPM 1000 has an internal multitasking PLC and has integrated a DC link coupling. The process and the synchronization take over the integrated Profibus. The compact Linear drive unit consists of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor, which has high dynamics and minimal losses. Last but not least, the Dynamic Energy Storage of the 2.0 helps to store braking energy with a volume of up to 1600 Ws.

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